LIC #6516


Joey Toth – President/CEO




Mr. Toth began working in the pest control industry in the summer of 1999 while studying Database Engineering. In July of 2003, Mr. Toth started Pitbull Pest Control, Inc. Since the creation of the company, Mr. Toth has served as the Sales/Service Manager, Marketing Director, Lead Estimator & Route Technician.


Currently Mr. Toth serves as the CEO of Pitbull Pest Control, Inc. and is responsible for strategic planning and product development. In addition to his service with Pitbull Pest Control, Inc., Mr. Toth served as a Sergeant of Marines, 2/23 Fox Co. USMCR, Machinegun Section Leader. In 2010, Sgt. Toth returned from a 1 year combat deployment to Ar Ramadi, Iraq, Al Anbar Provence.

Bonnie Toth – Vice President



Mrs. Toth has served as the Vice President and Treasurer of Pitbull Pest Control, Inc. since its creation in July of 2003, and is responsible for Accounts Payable. Mrs. Toth graduated from UNLV in July of 2006 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Education: Biology. In 2009 Mrs. earned her Masters Degree and is currently a Doctoral Student at UNLV’s School of Education, studying Curriculum and Education with an emphasis in Science.

Kelly Scoggins – Operations Manager



Ms. Scoggins joined Pitbull Pest Control, Inc. in early 2008 and is in charge of in house operations. Ms. Scoggins came to Pitbull Pest Control, Inc. from a large construction sub contractor where she served for many years as the office manager and was responsible for Accounts Payables and Receivables.

Daniel Schieberl – Service Manager



Mr. Schieberl has been with Pitbull Pest Control, Inc. since its creation in 2003. Mr. Schieberl started as a Route Technician and currently serves as the Service Manager; He is responsible for day to day management of all Route Technicians, Service Programs, and Technician Training.