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Pest Control- Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM is the combination of chemical and nonchemical methods of controlling pests.

General monthly pest control service is designed to treat for the following pests:

  •   Cockroaches (excludes German cockroach)
  •   Spiders
  •   Ants
  •   Earwigs
  •   Silverfish
  •   Rodents
  •   Crickets
  •   And much more!

Single Truck

If you are experiencing an extreme volume of pests, additional service fees may apply.

Initial Service:

  • Through inspection of interior and exterior of your home
  • Interior treatment- includes key pest areas and entry points
  • Exterior treatment- includes perimeter treatment, problem areas and entry points
  • Optional: Power Start (for those customers seeking rapid control) High volume mechanical application of product – covers landscaping, perimeter walls, exterior of home only.

Recurring monthly service:

  • Reapplication of chemical barrier with particular attention paid to your problem areas.
  • Exterior with interior upon request.  We do this simply because 90% of pests will come from the outside, and the less product you and your family are around, the better!
  • Comes with a 30 day guarantee

Termite Inspections


  • We offer preconstruction soil treatments
  • Please call for a quote and/or list of references.
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